Success Rebelution with Debi Lee, The Success Rebel Strategist. Empowering success from the inside out. Heart-centered, purpose-driven, global-minded Gen Xers blending lifestyle business and social entrepreneurship to make a living, a life and a difference all at the same time.
Are you

  a 40+er who didn’t grow up with computers, but appreciate that the internet has given us a powerful global interconnection and better ways to enjoy life, do business, accumulate wealth and create our own version of success?

  an Invisible Illness Sufferer discovering that the internet has given you a previously-impossible second chance at success?

  Unemployed or Unhappily-Employed and realizing that you don’t need to search for another job, you need to search within yourself then create the perfect one?

  an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who hates the new open office “group-think” workplaces and desperately wants to escape the chaos and work on your own from home?

  a Multi-Passionate Creative who feels misunderstood and is struggling because you’re being told you need to choose one thing… and you just can’t seem to do it?


Welcome home! I’m Debi and very happy to meet you.

You’re my favorite kind of peep… someone who’s getting creative about success… someone I lovingly refer to as a Success Rebel.

Whether life has given you some kind of raw deal and you’re determined to turn things around, or you just don’t want to follow the traditional career path, you’re defining and designing success YOUR way. And I think that’s badass!

So congratulations are in order… and a *happy dance* I think!

You’re actively looking to improve your current situation.

And you’ve found someone who cares. More importantly, you’ve found someone who understands.

Those bullet points up there? They’re not just you. They’re ME, too.

I’m an introvert and HSP who’s incredibly grateful to be able to work from home. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my former career in medicine, but this time I chose to do something I could do from anywhere… and home is my personal preference. (See the cute “Little Supervisor” way down there at the bottom of the page? ‘Nuff said.)

I’m a multi-passionate creative who struggled for YEARS because everyone (read: coaches and “gurus”) kept telling me I had to choose one thing… just ONE. Then I stopped listening to them.

I’m a 40+er who… believe it or not… totally resisted computers at first. But I’ve since embraced them and the internet’s blessing of powerful global interconnection which gave me the opportunity to re-invent myself and my life… and get my second chance at success, because…

I know how it feels to give blood, sweat, tears and your whole heart to an employer for many years only to get treated like shit and thrown out like trash when your ethics insist you call them on their BS.
So I’m on a mission to change the way the world does business.

I know how it feels to lose everything to invisible illnesses and have to start over… and not have anyone who truly understands the hell you’re going through every minute of every day.
So I try to make sure others have the support they need to re-build their lives and dreams.

My entire background was in medicine. I had zero business experience when I started. I’ve had to learn every. Single. Little. Thing. Soup to nuts. A to Z. Luckily I’m an infinitely curious lifetime learner and voracious reader. And, as someone with over 33 years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience on a mission to change the world, it’s only natural that I use that experience to shorten the learning curve for others, right?

Well, you change the world one person at a time.

I want to start with YOU.

Sooooooo tell me…
what’s your reason for needing to get creative about success?

Maybe you WANT to…

• maybe you’re terrified by a lack of job security and uncertain future so you’re looking to change course and build a new future for yourself

• maybe you’re tired of staying chained to a job you hate, working for a paycheck, but not feeling truly fulfilled

• maybe you don’t want to wait until retirement to pursue your true calling or things you’re passionate about

• maybe the idea of delayed retirement just doesn’t resonate with you

• maybe the daily struggle toward retirement is wearing on you… and making you wonder if the stress will kill you before you get there

• maybe you’re done having your boss put you in situations that compromise your ethics

• maybe you realize you can “Be the Change” by being the boss 😉

• maybe you want the freedom to choose how you work, how you take care of customers, and how you spend your time

• maybe you’re finding it harder and harder to make a living and have a life

• maybe you’d rather work your business around the lifestyle you want, instead of constantly sacrificing for a job

• maybe you long to create a new reality for yourself and your family

• maybe you dream of being able to put yourself and your family first… and still be able to be successful

• maybe you prefer to work the hours that work for you and your family, instead of being locked into a specific schedule

• maybe you want to take control of your destiny and blast the ceiling off of your earning potential

• maybe you’re not interested in saddling yourself with huge college loans to follow the traditional career path

• maybe you crave the solitude of working from home

• maybe you’re a military wife and you want to have the freedom to follow your husband and keep your family together while he serves (THANK YOU for your service!)

• maybe you just friggin’ want to create a life you don’t need to escape from

Maybe you HAVE to…

• maybe you’ve been forced into a career transition by a lay-off or down-size

• maybe you’ve suffered a life-changing physical or mental disability

• maybe you’re disabled or struggling with {insert any invisible illness here} and desperately want (and deserve!) a second chance at success

• maybe you’ve had to leave your job to care for a loved one and flexible conditions would allow you to work again

• maybe you need to be readily accessible for your children or ailing parents and require more flexibility than working for someone else allows

• maybe you’re unemployed and have decided another job isn’t what you need… or really want

• maybe you’re an introvert or HSP overloaded by the “group think” open office set up and you just yearn to work on your own… at home

• maybe you’re weighing career options, but can’t afford college so you’re seeking alternatives

• maybe you’re a returning soldier who needs to build a new life as a civilian (THANK YOU for your service!)

• maybe your spouse got a too-good-to-pass-up job offer elsewhere and now you have to adjust your career and reevaluate your own options

Or Maybe You’re Stuck…

• maybe you didn’t grow up with computers (maybe even hated them like I did at first!) but you’ve embraced the technology and are using it to start a business; you’re just not sure how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and make them work successfully

• maybe you know the internet offers you a better way forward, but you just can’t see exactly how to make it happen

• maybe there are too many things you want to do and you’re having a hard time figuring out which one to choose… or how to do them all

• maybe you don’t really want to hire employees, but can’t see how you could possibly have a successful business otherwise

• maybe you already have a successful business, but you can’t get to the next level because you can’t possibly squeeze any more into your day

• maybe you want to spend more time doing what you love and less time on all the tedious tasks that suck up your day… and energy

• maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the apps and software available, but you’re not sure which ones you actually need

Let’s Chat!

The internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities; leveled the playing field; and given those of us who are open-minded and willing to embrace it, infinite possibilities and opportunities.

• There is no glass ceiling.
• There is no income ceiling.
• You don’t have to limit yourself to local markets.
• You don’t have to limit yourself. At. All.

Whether you’re in business, thinking about it, or successful and wanting more, I can show you the big picture of what’s possible and the strategy to get it done.

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