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Location Independence – Day 9 #10DBC

Location Independence – Day 9 #10DBC

Location independence, to me, does not mean constantly traveling around the world. It’s simply having the freedom to live in my favorite place and work when I want from where I want. Although it does also mean that I can move around and vacation at will, without the typical geographic limitations of…

Finding Your Tribe – Day 6 #10DBC

Finding Your Tribe – Day 6 #10DBC

I’ve been blessed to be mentored by some really amazing entrepreneurs. And there are many I admire for their various accomplishments. Natalie’s been one for a very long time… I’ve watched her grow her business since it was called WomanzWorld 😉The One But if I had to choose the ONE person whose business I most admire and who is living the life I’d most like to have, it would be…

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